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Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are looking for the cheapest price in town you can save both of us time.  It's not me.  I focus on quality, knowledge and customer service.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  While not the cheapest price, I strive to offer the best value.  What some window cleaners consider as extra services, Pane Relief considers as standard practice.

Get Your Home Windows Cleaned Starting at $125!*

*Price covers up to 15 standard double hung windows, inside and out plus sills, or 25 standard double hung windows, exterior only. Actual price will require a Pane Relief price quote before work begins.  Extra charges for true divided panes (French panes), screens, or storm windows.  If you will be getting your home power washed, be sure to do that before having your windows washed.

Storm Window Owners, We're Sorry
We recognize that they have a special charm, and unlike a double-glazed window, they will never have a seal go bad. We get it. But over the past 8 years we have learned that it's difficult to find a price that makes cleaning these retro-beauties worth our time yet affordable for our clients. Our base price on storm window homes is $600. If that doesn't send you running for the hills, or to the nearest window store, give us a call and we can do an exact quote.
Steps You Should Take

1.) Decide if you need your house power washed.
Power washing is a regular need for most homes in this part of the country.  While it makes homes look great, it makes windows look awful, so get this done before any window cleaning.  At this time we do not offer this service. We focus on "one thing done well."

Some companies will give you an estimate over the phone without ever seeing your house. It is exactly that: an estimate. We would rather make the drive so as to know exactly what we are dealing with and let you know exactly what to expect. We do price quotes, not estimates. Call (919) 886-PANE.

3.) Get your price quote.
What does this involve?  I will come to your home, take a walk around the house, count up windows and figure out any obstacles we will need to deal with.  If you are home you can meet me in person and make sure you will feel comfortable with me in your home as well as ask any questions you might have.  If you are busy, no problem.  Even if you are away I can do the price quote from the outside and call you later with your quote.

4.) Schedule your appointment.
You can click on the picture of the calendar to the right to see my schedule and find a date that works for you. After doing your price quote I will be able to tell you how much time will be needed.

5.) Enjoy the view again!
Invite over friends and family and let them tell you how beautiful your home is, or just savor the view alone.

6.) Spread the word.
Word of mouth is still the best advertising out there. Our reputation is also what keeps this business alive. Tell a friend or family member what you thought.  Also, you can post a comment for the world to see at one of the links here



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