About Us

Why choose Pane Relief, LLC?

Peace of Mind - We are a locally owned and operated, husband and wife team. From the first phone call, to the price quote, to the window cleaning, to the payment you will only deal with two people. We will never send out "some kid" to do the work for us. Your window cleaners are people who go into parts of your home that few will ever see. Pick someone you feel comfortable with.

Green - For interior cleaning we use biodegradable professional window cleaning soap. For exterior window cleaning we use ultra purified water. To do this we take your tap water and filter it three times to get out every trace of minerals so it will dry spot free. Then the water goes through two more filters to strip off some of the ions. This essentially creates "thirsty water." A series of hoses transports the water from the filters in the van to essentially a three story tall telescopic car wash brush (see picture above.) With very low pressure and some gentle agitation, the water then "steals" the missing ions from the dirt on your windows. This results in water that acts like it has soap but uses no chemicals. You can't get much greener than that! On top of that, the results are amazing.

Quality - This is our soul means of living so we clean every window like our reputation is on the line. After all, it is.

Who will be working in your home?

Jonathan Grimm

Before doing window cleaning I spent nine years doing volunteer work as an assistant camera man.  One of my key responsibilities was keeping movie cameras and lenses spotless, right down to removing individual specks of dust. In comparison, your windows are breeze.
When not working on windows, about three days a week are used doing volunteer work along with my wife.
Athena Grimm

My wife puts the "PR" in "Pane Relief".  She had twelve years of experience in the cleaning industry before she started working with me. Known among some as "the singing housekeeper," she was known for her good disposition. Now she cleans the interior windows while trading tips for supper or what the best deal at Trader Joe's is at the moment.